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As a result, I began thinking about whether German people have common stereotypes too and whether we share any common traits.There has actually been a considerable amount of research done on the cultural differences between the British and Germans.Their tweets all come under the hash tag #Very British Problems, and give a typical phrase that a British person might say, along with its perceived translation.For example: From reading these, it appears that there is a well documented stereotype that British people tend to say one thing and mean something completely different!

The people, in spite of some language differences, customs and traditions commonly follow one religion. Language A number of languages are spoken in Pakistan.I love reading the daily tweets by so very British, as they seem to strike a chord with me every time.With 824,235 followers, it appears that other people feel the same way as me too.By contrast 85 per cent of people from mixed-race families have themselves set up home with someone from another group.People from an African background are five and a half times as likely to be in a mixed relationship as white people, while those of Indian ancestry are three times as likely.

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