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Mc Cartan and Ruetz received ,000 scholarship awards and consideration for other professional advancement opportunities.He also was named a Presidential Scholar in the Arts.It has also been shown that his state of mind benefited when other characters mention trivial facts.In The Bones that Foam, Saroyan and Hodgins together were able to calm him down by telling him obscure facts. Brennan describes Vincent as the intern who is the "most intelligent" (The Girl in the Mask).He performed Jason Robert Brown’s “Someone to Fall Back On” as his solo.Shauni Ruetz of Rochester, NY was named Best Actress.He is one of 20 high school students nationally to receive the award, and one of only two winners in theater.

Later on, while drunk, he claimed to friends and coworkers he had slept with Dr. Broadsky's intention was to shoot Booth when he picked up the phone Broadsky had been using to communicate, but in a twist of events Vincent answered the phone and as a result died due to a severed aorta when Broadsky shot him in the chest. The next day Brennan tells Angela that she got into bed with Booth and possibly had sex with him.

To prepare for the role, Cartwright consulted with people who worked with people with autism, watched documentaries, read blogs created by people with autism, and books from authors with autism, such as Temple Grandin and Daniel Tammet.

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(Hodgins and Vincent take the remains to a tank) Hodgins: (grunts) How did you work this up without me? Saroyan that the sternum wound was not caused by a hunting arrow, my brain jumped to different types of arrows, (grunts) which led me to the image of a giant wasp, which was silly. -- The Dentist in the Ditch He was a firm believer that facts are the reliable building blocks of everything.

But which then led me to stinging nettles which are covered in thousands of tiny little arrows and on the tip of each tiny little arrow is a drop of oxalic acid which not only stings, but works very well at dissolving silicates. His feelings on the matter bordered on obsessive-compulsive, and as a consequence he tended to blurt out trivial facts when under stress as a method of relieving anxiety.

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