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Join our autism and aspergers chat room Click here to chat AFF began in 2004, created by Gareth and Amy Nelson. It began as a response to negative and torturous treatment of autistics around the world and aimed to provide positive media input.

This was extremely sucessful and inspired many similar websites and blogs.

Esper Net includes several services designed to assist IRC users; these include Nick Serv, Chan Serv, and Memo Serv, and are collectively known as "Services." Services may not be used in any way that adversely affects Esper Net or its users; such ways include: Any policy decision, including addition (linking) or removal (delinking) of servers, changes to a server's status (physical or network location, connectivity, or administrator(s)), or changes to this document, must be approved by the administrators of two-thirds of Esper Net's servers.

A server that is the subject of such a decision does not have a say in that decision.

:) Zwdia,​ Kairos,​ Apotelesmata agonwn,​ Programma TV,​ Eortologio!

You can add a bookmark to this URL, which makes reaching the page quick and easy, but you have to do it in a round-a-bout sort of way. Use this IRC search engine to search in channel names and topics of around 500 IRC networks!Greek IRC Network @​ Radio Link @​ @​ Exoume ananewsei to site!Then clicking the bookmark will automatically launch Chatzilla and open the channel.Find an IRC client that seems appropriate for your platform (Win/Mac) and has the features you want.

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