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Christie Pitts, Head of Operations at Backstage Capital, thinks that: Selecting best chat bots is a daunting task.

The chatbot app landscape is constantly changing, growing larger and larger every day.

This app is one of the smartest chatbots in the world.In fact, for some of the following virtual assistants, it’s the only input they can receive.All the major virtual assistants can make calls or send messages for you, open apps or make web searches. Be it an assistant to give you the answers you need, to launch your apps for you via voice command, or to get an A. you can talk to, there’s something for everyone here.They’ve recently hopped on the bot bandwagon by releasing several virtual language tutors created to help learners practice without pressure Everyone who has ever tried to follow an exercise plan knows how painful it can be to track down all the sets, reps, weights, and exercises.The old-school method involves pen and paper coupled with some math, and the new-school method involves Gym Bot, a Facebook Messenger bot that tracks your training efforts.

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