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Each episode focuses on a defining year in history and dissects the biggest news stories, pop culture moments, and hottest trends to show how these pivotal events from the past affect how we live today.

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She will be daughter-in-law of the King, wife of the King thereafter, sister-in-law to his brother, mother to the King yet to come, grandmother to the monarch beyond – the friend and confidante to all these Kings and heirs of Britain. With each passing year, as Britain moves deeper into the 21st century, her position will further crystallise and declare itself. What does the Duchess of Cambridge mean for the monarchy and therefore Britain itself?Harry Dubin, who has slept with much of the cast, was milling around.'He could be my fifth husband in the nursing home,' said Sonja, who had two boyfriends at the time.'We can fight over scrabble,' she joked.'She's actually a very genuine person,' said Carole, who'd branded Tinsley 'a bit much' when they'd first met.Tinsley said she was suffering from 'post traumatic stress' after her arrest in Palm Beach.'It was humiliating,' she complained.Radziwill told Medley while scrolling through her phone “Something major happened this weekend with [Hoppy]”, she added, On January 27, Hoppy then approached Frankel and a friend at 6-year old Bryn’s school in the morning time, and tried to evoke a fight saying ‘' I will destroy you, you can get all the lawyers you want, you’ve been warned,’'. Hoppy was arraigned on additional charges, including one count of stalking in the third degree, another count of stalking in the fourth degree and some additional conducts.The case was adjourned to Aug 8 for a decision on motions.

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