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Rather, she watched on as the increasingly international city absorbed new cultures and ideas into its already complex history.The observations inspired Tan to pen her experiences as a “not-quite-foreign foreigner” living in modern China in a blog, Shanghai Shiok.I recently sat down with Rock Zhang, a Chinese mobile entrepreneur.Rock is my classmate from business school, and we have both worked in the mobile industry for a while.

I’ve marketed several mobile apps in European and US markets, and my apps have been featured many times in the App Stores in Russia, Israel, Spain, Germany and the US.In an age when the best marketing is good product management, Rock knows how to make millions of Chinese users fall in love with an app.I asked him to share his thoughts on app localization.When Christine Tan arrived in Shanghai, she was at once fascinated and puzzled by the city.While old streets were giving way to new skyscrapers, it was not the visual changes that caught her attention.

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