Dating game book series

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In a battle of escalating seduction the girls take each other on a series of dates where the lines between the game and reality are blurred.This is set in the same world as Music of the Soul but is a standalone book.Handsome, successful, and romantic, he was embraced by the audience—and chosen as the winner by the beautiful bachelorette.To viewers across the country, Rodney seemed like the answer to every woman's dreams.

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Standiford successfully taps into the feeling of growing up on a small East Coast island. Her strength of character shines as she faces challenges with humor and resilience.

The plot covers a lot of grounda birthday party, a school dance, soccer games, sailing competitions, and even the appearance of a pirate ghost.

I was attracted to him right away when I spotted him at the jazz club, but something wasn’t quite right.

Our introduction was super smooth, but by the end of the night the source of my discomfort finally hit me: I knew his name. There’s an unwritten rule about not dating your friends’ exes, and the fact that he was her former situation meant that he was completely off-limits to her friends.

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