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Protein Structure Prediction Despite improvements on both experimental techniques and computational prediction methods for small and medium sized proteins, structure elucidation and prediction for larger proteins remains a major challenge.

We are developing a structure prediction algorithm that incorporates data of various experimental techniques but also to be used as a standalone tool.

The theme of tonight's show is the 54 Hour Film Fest--we talk to Chris Keyes, Susannah Devereux, Travis Slagle, Sam Szwaglis, Sarah Carbonneau, Jacob Cleaver, Jacob Bauman, and Ashley Sweeton about the 54 Hour Film Fest.

We have the President of women in film, Nan Puetz; the Program Director for TN Women in Film Ava Leigh Stewart; actor and model Stirling Everly; and veteran actor and former radio personality, Christopher James.

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That’s why we give you an array of options that make the most of your race day experience.

They also investigate cases involving runaway or missing children, child custody issues, child neglect, child abuse, kidnapping, drug overdose of minors, accidental injuries, or any other case where there expertise may be needed.

The types of crimes investigated in the schools include most personal and property crimes including assaults, burglaries, thefts, and vandalism.

The Counseling Section provides early assessment and short-term intervention counseling for juvenile offenders (Juvenile Citation Recipients) and unruly non-offenders.

Police officers issue citations to offenders at the scene of the violation, instead of taking them into custody to Juvenile Court.

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