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Hater wants to bring it back.” Be warned, however, that while Hater may be a tongue-in-cheek environment, it’s no excuse to act a fool in the app.“Hater absolutely does not stand for hate speech or bigotry — particularly animosity toward races, religions, or body types,” the app notes in its terms of service.The idea behind this app is to meet people in your area, have a good time, and give people the opportunity to get to know each other before meeting up.You can accept or decline the invitation to connect, so it’s up to you whether you meet someone IRL or not.

They have two age group categories—teens and adults.

As the user base grows, so does the list of issues.

Based on your mutual dislikes, Hater creates a compendium of your most compatible potential matches, which you can then browse through at your leisure. After all, you already know what you and your matches have in common — a mutual disdain for cilantro, black-and-white photos, or cacti, for example. “Somewhere along the line, dating apps lost sight of that.

He told her he killed people, that he dealt with cocaine. Trent kept telling Amber that he was at the top of the chain and her had other people who would take the fall for him.

That’s the hope of Hater, a new dating app that seeks to bring people together based on a different sort of connection — the mutual dislike of anything from vegetables to minivans.

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