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In an attempt to blog more, I’ve decided to write more short blogs that focus on my current thoughts towards Interracial Relationships, and the Race to AMBW World Domination. She, a white girl, was frenetically obsessed with Asian guys and would boast about her encounters with HAWT Asians. But I’m just sick and tired of these White girls walking around with a Kanye West sized ego acting like they “run this shit.” Cuz you know what? They talk with an open mind, and there’s hardly a spec of cockyness in sight.

Due to her preference – or should I say, allergy towards anything non-Asian – for Asian guys, I was quite impressed and a tad bit flattered. I mean, I have talked to some GORGEOUS black women who have every right to push their hands in my face and say “Eww bitch! ” but yet, they’re willing to converse, befriend, and even flirt with some of the most average, shy, and nerdy Asian guys.

In our society, those who are perceived as “gorgeous” (by the media’s standards) are often believed to be above the status quo.

There’s this ideology that if you’re beautiful, you’re better than everyone and have no need to talk to us looking folks.

But then, she started to go off in a direction that left me with a bitter taste. And that my friends not only speaks volumes on behalf of Black Women, but it instills a sense of hope for humans in general.

Me: Cooooooooooolllll Beans White Girl: The other day, some Asian guy tried hitting on me but I wasn’t interested. Acting as if, because they are white, they get “first pick.” They act like they’re the Queen of some far away country who can waltz in and be like “I AM WHITE! Now, I know this sounds like George Orwell’s “2 Minutes of Hate” but I assure you, I white girls. And unlike the White Girls that I explained above, the Black Women that I’ve met have been goddamn humble, time and time again.

Yes, I’m sure there are cocky black women out there who are like this, but based off the ones I’ve met and the ones in support of AMBW, I gotta say…

In a lot of ways our computers, video games, and homework have all been a great distraction for us Asian Men.

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How do you untangle these robot wires and let these men feel?Matched, had a brief conversation, asked for my number and I gave it to him.Talked two or three nights ago and agreed to go on a Wednesday date.Another dating rant, this one based on a 2009 article in the Observer-Dispatch about the dating scene in Utica.Don’t you just LOVE how it rolls off your tongue like a piece of smooth and silky chocolate? S 😉 A few months ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. I also love Black girls, and Indian girls, and Latin girls, and girls, and girls, and girls. Even the RIDICULOUSLY HOT Black Women are down to earth.

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