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We had some knockouts in Part 1 of our list of MILFs between 30-40, but from the looks of this list, it seems like the gold goes to women in their 40s.Snagging a MILF in her 40s is like hitting the jackpot.Age: 44 Kids: 2 Anytime there’s ever a list remotely related to Hollywood hotties, we’re always tempted to gag & waterboard those writers for not including Téa Leoni.She may not remain in the public eye 24/7 like some attention-seeking papparazzi prostitutes, but anytime we see her, our mandom suddenly erects to salute the beauty that is Téa Leoni.

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Check out our list of Hollywood’s Hottest MILFs between 40-50: Age: 45 Kids: 1 Elizabeth Hurley a.k.a Vanessa Kensington a.k.a The World’s Hottest Fembot a.k.a The British Chick I Want To Creampie, is without a doubt one of the sexiest vixens in Hollywood.

Even though she dated that douchebag excuse of a human, Hugh Grant, and hasn’t done anything remotely decent since 1999, she still remains one of the most fapable on our list.

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