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Il débouche sur le golfe Persique après un parcours de 200 km.

Sur la partie aval de son parcours, il constitue la frontière entre l'Irak et l'Iran.

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The present edition is based upon a copy made by the editor from the original, which he afterwards had the advantage of comparing with another copy most liberally placed at his disposal by M. Click the button below if you are over 18 and would like to turn OFF the Family Filter.NB: Kindly keep the conversations respectful, or we will be obliged to block users who use bad words in this chatroom. Professor Margoliouth has also had the goodness to look through both the copy of the text and the translation, and to elucidate many points of difficulty. Alfred Butler, whose book on the Coptic Churches forms the only work of importance existing on that subject; has generously consented to aid in the interpretation of an obscure author by his knowledge of Coptic history and archaeology ; and his contributions to the work are by no means limited to the notes which bear his initials. and among other defects does not express the J of the article before the 'solar letters,' or the shortening of the long final vowel in y\ and other words before the article, or the Hamzah except in the middle of a word ; nor are the nuances in the pronunciation of the vowels indicated ; but perhaps no other system is preferable to this. Many legends are related of Nimrod, the 'Enemy of God/ by the Arab historians, and he is alluded to in the Koran, following Jewish tradition, as the persecutor of Abraham. Among the former were Moses and Aaron his brother, and Miriam their sister, who were born at Askar 3 , in the region of Egypt. PAGE Preface v-viii Introduction ix-xxv English Translation 1-304 Appendix 305-346 Indexes : — I. To these eminent scholars, therefore, the editor begs to express his deepest gratitude. Section referring to the distinguished men of Egypt, and to the wonders which are to be found there.

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