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Frank is a strict disciplinarian who previously sent Ricky to a military school and briefly committed him to a psychiatric hospital.

His part-time job as a bar caterer and waiter serves as a front for his secret marijuana dealings.

Newland claimed her accuser always knew she was pretending to be Kye Fortune – a Facebook profile she created at the age of 15 using an American man’s photographs and videos – as they engaged in role play while struggling with their sexuality.

She said no blindfold was used as they had sex on about 10 occasions at the complainant’s flat in Chester in 2013.

Lester Burnham is a middle-aged advertising executive and magazine writer who despises his job.

He is unhappily married to Carolyn, a neurotic yet fiercely ambitious real estate broker who grows red roses in their yard; their teenage daughter, Jane, abhors her parents and has low self-esteem.

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