Who is rielle hunter dating now

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She was widely criticised after the excerpts were published by US news organisations last week.

In the book, which went on sale yesterday, Miss Hunter complains that when Mrs Edwards discovered the affair, which began in 2006 after Miss Hunter approached Mr Edwards in a New York hotel, the scorned wife repeatedly phoned her husband’s mistress “for the next two days at all hours of the day and night from various numbers” in an attempt to intimidate her.

They had one child together, Tiffany, who was active on Trump's campaign.

These days Marla has a net-worth of nearly million and a successful career of her own as an actress.

The disgraced senator — who once called Hunter, his baby mama, a “crazy slut” — would have long, romantic talks with her on the phone as he traveled. He said he found me to be so refreshing and couldn’t believe how easy I was to talk to,” wrote Hunter.

“Love does evolve you and encourage you to behave differently. That night began our frequent extended phone conversations, usually four hours in length . She wrote that during one conversation, “We talked for two hours. And was he really already changing his behavior based on our first night together.” The affair was apparently a religious experience for Edwards, who adopted some of the New Age terms Hunter often used.

“And then a moment came while we were talking when something in my heart clicked and I surrendered.There was a lot of talk, a lot of laughter and zero sleep.” Hunter introduced herself to Edwards at the lobby bar of the New York Regency Hotel in February 2006, asking to volunteer for his presidential campaign.She went to Edwards’ hotel room after calling him “so hot, and became as helpless as a star-struck schoolgirl when he turned on the charm.Miss Hunter, an actress and film producer who was hired by Mr Edwards’s campaign team as a filmographer, goes on to describe Mrs Edwards, who died in December 2010, as “crazy” and given to fits of “rage”.Asked directly about the decision to attack Mrs Edwards, who was seen by the American public as an innocent victim of her husband’s philandering, Miss Hunter was unrepentant.

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