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So far I even avoided application and by using java configuration.However, now I want to introduce XSD validation as shown in this tutorial: In our example we will use XML marshalling using JAXB 2. Now we will have to configure the XML marshaller and endpoint adapters in the Spring configuration file as shown in Listing 16-7 below. Configuring XML marshaller in Spring configuration file Following the pattern of Spring in other technologies, it provides Webservice Template similar to Jdbc Template and JMSTemplate to aid implementing the client for web service consumption and use.Listing 16-8 shows configuring Webservice Template in the Spring configuration file as shown below. Configuring Webservice Template in Spring configuration file Detailing Webservice Template in much more detail is out of scope of this book as detailing it would increase this chapter to another 20 pages as Spring WS gives very good way of customizing and integrating with other technologies.I am trying to develop a Spring webservice and followed this tutorial The project structure(and the configuration class names) are same as mentioned in the tutorial.I am trying to do all possible configuration using annotation and want to avoid all xml based configuration.No, you should use your Payload Validating Interceptor. In it, you need to call the Validation Request Source and detect if there is a fault.First detect if there a fault, then modify the fault message using the two provided methods. You probably need to do some kind of try catch.hi, I really can't figure out how to do this. What I need is just the informations about: 1) List/array of element names that has invalid value.

In order to accomplish it, this example will focus on the integration with external web services.First, I will explain what are the necessary adapters that will allow us to invoke a web service from Spring Integration.Next, we will go through a brief explanation of a Spring Web Services project, which will be the external web service that will be invoked from our application.2) List/array of element values for each elements in point 1.3) If possible too, the list/array of the causes of error for each elements in point 1 (such as invalid value because of wrong data type, empty value inserted for mandatory element, etc).

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